I recently spent some time with Brian Francois, he's currently preparing for his debut album and he was in need of a few images on his website. Before the shoot, we talked about the concept. Brian and I talked about his emergence from his past to his future and how it has been an interesting journey. We created the concept, the light represents his future and the darkness his past.

Giants On Mountains

Those that follow me know I'm working on a bunch of projects at once. Honestly, I'm not sure if its a good or bad thing but it keeps me busy. This project entitled "Giants On Mountains" is a photo series of artist that I consider giants in the city of Boston. The mountain represents the struggle of the artist. Even though the artist that take part of this project may continue to have hard times, I believe that there is power in visualizing where you will be. We all should strive to see ourselves as giants on mountains. 

This week I'm featuring Anson Raps you can follow him on instagram @Raaaaaaaps

When Will It End?

Gun V-1247-2 copy.jpg

8/20/17 - 9:35 pm Woman shot to death on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury61 Walnut Ave.RoxburyTaylor, Nakieka

8/20/17 - 2:10 am Two shot, one dead in Theater District melee246 Tremont St.ChinatownMiranda, Michael

8/13/17 - 11:25 pm Two shot in Roxbury; one dead39 Mt. Pleasant Ave.Roxbury

8/9/17 - 10:30 pm Two men found shot to death in car on fire in DorchesterElder St. and Eastman St.DorchesterDos Santos, Amilton

8/2/17 - 4:00 pm Person shot to death at Ronan Park in Dorchester92 Mt. Ida Rd.Dorchester

7/18/17 - 4:05 pm Owner of Mission Hill hardware store shot and killed there1562 Tremont St.Mission HillCruz, Andres

7/17/17 - 4:10 pm One dead, one injured in Dorchester shooting10 Vesta Rd.DorchesterJackman, Aice

7/15/17 - 10:50 pm Man shot to death on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury617 Shawmut Ave.Roxbury

7/6/17 - 6:50 pm Bloodshed continues: Two shot on Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall, one dead, survivor is 14Blue Hill Ave. and Cheney St.RoxburyMenard, Christopher

7/5/17 - 2:36 am Man shot repeatedly in Roxbury63 Homestead St.RoxburyJackson, Eric

6/28/17 - 10:00 am Man shot in the face on Ashmont Street in Dorchester96 Ashmont St.DorchesterAustin, Christopher

6/26/17 - 5:30 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan1357 Blue Hill Ave.MattapanBrowne, Jorrell

6/13/17 - 7:00 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan; second murder in as many nights165 Delhi St.MattapanBoyd, Javoni

6/12/17 - 8:45 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan29 Hosmer St.Mattapan


I've been back from my ten day trip from Haiti for over two weeks now. Geesh it was an amazing experience! I traveled from the north of Haiti to the south (much love to the best driver on the island, Pastor), made new friends, gained new understanding with old ones, and experienced great moments of peace. Ever since my return, I've been asking myself, 'What have I taken back from my trip besides being five shades darker?' Peace! Yes, peace over the last year I've been searching for consistent peace in my life. It was a rough road both literally and figuratively to get to this place, but somehow when I was up on cliff around 3 am watching the waves crash while journaling I was finally able to plug in. 

Now my goal is to retain that peace which has been difficult since I get cut off in Boston's traffic 3,000 times a day, bills are due, and some thief stole my Dave and Buster's card while I was out with my kids having more fun than Jake and Fin on one of their adventures in the Candy Kingdom. (Woosah). The storms will come and the ground will shake but retaining that peace will get you through. 

Ok enough about me. I ventured through Haiti to not only explore like my idol Dora , but take photos of the of the overwhelming beauty of the country which is often overlooked by a negative narrative. I am tired of groups of people and places having one story. My goal/duty as a photographer is to change that. Next year my work from my trip will be on display alongside a few Haitian artist for a month long exhibition. Make sure to come back for updates.


Local Boston Rap artist Fublac stop by the studio for a few headshots. I decided to go with a high key shot, and a more moody shot for this session. I've always loved shooting shots like the first image, I think I'm going to focus a little more on that style.