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I recently switched over to speed lights. I always thought "strobes are what the pros use" for on location shooting, not realizing that they had assistance lugging all their crap around. This past week I did a bunch of research and decided to change my kit. The high speed sync, light weight, and low cost was enough to change my mind. I received a text from Naoko Takamoto, lead singer of the band "Princes Problems." She wanted me to take some photos of the band, so I told her "hell yeah". So I grabbed my SL's and linked up with the band. The location was in a basement filled with musical equipment and basement essential like random pipes and poles. Before I started  shooting I thought "It would have sucked positioning my strobes, with soft boxes around this tight place." I started shooting, it was great not having to worry about power outlets, batterie packs, or those stupid cords I always trip over. I felt like a ninja, I was able to position the SL's in tight places and the extra mobility allowed me to be more creative. 

Anthony Adamick