Peter Bien-Aime Portfolio Update

Peter a former Boston University football player, and now Boston police officer stopped by the studio. Peter came to me to update his portfolio for fitness sponsorship. We sat down and talked, did a little research to find what the sponsors he wanted to attract were looking for. We settled on a look based on a few popular websites, and we started shooting. I used a 4 strobe setup to create this group of high key contrasty images. 

The Freeman's

I've been photographing Kirjuan, Gina and Tristan Freeman for years. Kirjuan is a awesome drummer who has worked with K.Mitchelle, P.Diddy, and Teyana Taylor just to name a few. I had a a gig shooting a interview with him and his band Elevation Theory, Kirjuan liked my work and contacted me for a family session. My first shoot was at a hospital, Kirjuan's son Tristan was a little too eager to come out to see the world, so he was born prematurely in 2013. 


Over the years I shot Christmas photos, birthdays, and personal projects with the Freeman's. 

I consider the Freeman's family. Tristan is celebrating his third birthday and its been a honor to take part in the milestones in the little guys life. Gina and Kirjuan are expecting a little girl in a few months, Gina and I are working on locking a date down for her maternity shoot. Nothing gets me more excited than documenting events in peoples lives. I thank the Freeman's for trusting, and allowing me to capture the irreplaceable moments in their lives.

Philly Bike Life

I spent some time in north Philly a few weeks ago. I was able to sit down and talk to a few riders while shooting them for promo for an upcoming philly event. After a ride through Philly, I wanted to know why these riders would risk their lives day in and day out. I came away with a few answers and they all seem directed towards one thing: freedom. If you know anything about north Philly it isn't the greatest place in the world, every other house is abandoned and poverty is alive and well. Watching the faces of these riders transform from stone face to joy as they kickstarted their bikes gave me a sense of understanding. I understood that riding for them was like photography for me. Photography brings me freedom in the same way that riding does for them. It gives me peace and clarity. When I'm shooting nothing else matters. The police want them to stop, the neighbors think they are too loud, and every day they risk doing something that can potentially destroy their lives. I asked myself the following: if someone told me to stop shooting, would I? Would I give up the very thing that gives me peace and clarity? My answer is a resounding NO! Ride on.